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While some love the idea of decorating and choosing art and frames for their business or office, others can find it to be extremely stressful. At Heritage Art Galleries, we are pleased to offer art consulting, volume art framing, and delivery and installation services to ensure the process is fun, simplified, and cost and time-efficient.

We are happy to provide a site evalution at a time that works best with your busy schedule to assist you in choosing the most complimentary art pieces and frames for your space.

From art and framing for hotels, cruise ships, condo projects, restaurants, hospitals, offices, and senior living residences, to support for interior designers: whether it’s a one frame project or art for an entire building, we take pride in turning any space into a visually pleasing experience for all to enjoy.

Design Professionals & Corporate Projects

We’ll help you put together a professional art plan that complements your interior design

– High-Volume Custom Framing
– Custom Mirrors & TV Frames
– Art Sourcing & Procurement
– Professional Installation

Heritage Art Galleries has supplied the artwork and custom framing, together with delivery and installation for residential, corporate, and commercial art projects throughout Florida for over 37 years. Our clients include hotels, cruise ships, condo projects, restaurants, hospitals, offices, and senior living residences.

Whether you are an interior designer, home stager, gallery, or project manager — regardless if your project includes one piece or hundreds, our team is happy to work with you on all of your art and framing needs.

Discounted pricing is available for long standing and high-volume clients.

We’re happy to meet at your location. Book an appointment or give us a call today!


“Was looking for a reasonably priced local framer to frame about ten posters for our government office. My assistant reached out to Heritage and connected us. I was shown a variety of frames and based on the office’s current decor, the current trend, and colors in the posters, Heritage helped me select the most suited frames to accent them. The co-owner Linda was extremely organized and had taken pictures of all the pieces that I had given her; I had never even thought to take this important step in order to keep track of the posters submitted. Ian and Linda both visited the office to access the office‘s aesthetics and to offer their subject-matter guidance with the frame selection, the placement of the works, and the install as well. These posters rounded out a project that was started in 2015 and they as well as other works went on to be included in a region-wide storyboard that our office comprised and submitted to our headquarters. I say let us all support our local vendors when they support us with excellent goods and services as Heritage does. Bravo Heritage, keep up the good work!!!” – Kam –