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Each project is one of a kind; just like you! Whether you are framing for your home, business, or commercial space, we will help you to create a clear and cohesive design with every frame that we make; ensuring that our design will complement both the artwork or item we are framing AND the space it’s going in to.


All of our work is done with “acid-free” materials and we are experienced in both conservation and archival grade framing. We will be happy to inform you of the merits of both, and which might be best for your project.


We carry a wide variety of glazing (glass & plexiglass) that can block damaging UV rays, and some that even stop the reflection you would get with regular glass. Ask us about our glazing options at your next framing consultation!
different glazing options to help protect valuable or sentimental art and items

Source: Museum Glass by TruVue Glazing


Our in house framing professional, Ian, takes you through opening up a client’s previously framed artwork, and shows the work that was done. Sometimes it’s good work…but a lot of the times it is not well done.
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