Art Tourism and Hospitality Art has become an increasingly growing trend in the last few years. Art is no longer seen as solely decorative, but being used as an effective marketing strategy in these industries. The reason for this, is that there are several cases that have proven that hotels and restaurants that invest in their art have greater guest capacity rates, higher ratings in guest experience, and more recurring guests.

But do people really choose a hotel for what hangs on the walls?

“I’m much more motivated by the location of the hotel and the quality of the rooms,” says frequent traveler, Nick W. Though he continued: “but when I do find myself staying somewhere with a thought-provoking painting, it stops me in my tracks. I wouldn’t choose a hotel for the art, but I would certainly remember my stay if the art was amazing.”

Hospitality Art and Art Tourism became giant trends when individuals began traveling more for business than for leisure. Business people generally don’t have time to explore the city they are in when on a business trip. Quality hotel-art gives them a “cultural lift” that they otherwise would not have a chance to experience. Plus, the art on the premise is generally free to view, free of long lines, and there is usually a comfy seat not too far away to relax in.

There is also a new wave of travelers with the Millennial generation. They are a generation who wants to experience different cultures and ways of life, and therefore travel often. If a hotel has an art collection with history or intriguing details about its’ location, the millennials will take notice.

What’s in it for the Hotel/Restaurant?

Besides the previously mentioned greater guest capacity rates, higher ratings in guest experience, and more recurring guests hospitality businesses can benefit from the following:

Be the Talk of the Town

Even with today’s multiple technological advances one of the most effective forms of marketing is still word of mouth. People always talk, and more often than not, what they talk about leads to sales. Hotels and Restaurants with interesting art will always be talked about.

Stand Out

Art helps to distinguish an establishment’s brand and personality by offering something memorable in every room of your property. In fact, art is used by luxury hotels to stand out from another. Your art collection can also be used as an extra marketing component. Attract local patrons, brides, corporate events and more with temporary exhibits and new additions to your collection.

Keep Them Around

Art also helps to enhance the feel and ambiance of a hotel or restaurant. Instead of going outside of the hotel for a drink, or another restaurant for dessert guests will be more likely to stay in if they feel comfortable in your establishment.

Not Just for Luxury

Art doesn’t necessarily have to be high-end to benefit your business. Inexpensive pieces can showcase the history and identity of a building and/or the local area or embody a very particular tone to help express a venue’s precise personality and brand, all of which helps a guest connect with their environment.

Innovate your Business with Art

Integrating art into your business calls for hiring professionals who are experts in design, telling your company’s story, and making your brand stand out. Heritage Art Galleries offers custom framing, fine art, art consultation and installation services to design professionals in the hospitality industry.

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