Have you ever noticed how your environment can affect your mood? 

Nowadays, people spend most of their waking hours at work or working from home, and yet most barely spend any time decorating their office.  Furthermore, business management has the tendency to believe that bare workspaces encourage staff to focus on work and avoid distraction. But are you aware that the exact opposite has been proven to be true?

According to a 12 year study by Dr. Craig Knight from the University of Exeter about decorating your workspace…

  • Displaying art can elevate employee productivity by 32%.
  • Fine art in the workplace encourages creativity, efficiency, and better employee relations.
  • People who work in a space with art have better moods, less stress and fewer health complaints.
  • Clients are quicker to feel at ease and trust a business when they connect with the business’ artwork.
photo by mateo-fernandez

The study which involved observing employees from companies ranging from food distributors to law firms workers, took place in spaces that were either: 1) bare and functional, 2) decorated with plants and art, 3) “empowered” (allowing the person to design the area themselves) or 4) “disempowered” (person’s design was redesigned by a manager).

On top of the points listed above, the research also found that people who worked in the decorated office worked about 15% faster than those in the bare office — this figure then doubled for people who worked in the empowered space. The people who saw their personal designed changed had the same productivity levels as those in the bare space. “The more involved people are in the enrichment process, the more they are able to realize a part of themselves in the space,” explained Dr. Knight. 

He was also quick to add that his study involved fine art and not “motivational posters” that say things like “there is no I in team,” because he believes these don’t work. “Employees tend to feel more cooperative and happy when exposed to images they find pleasing,” continued the doctor.

How to Choose the “Right” Art for your Business

Choosing the right art for your business isn’t always a straightforward task. Besides the obvious of including your personal taste, art size, and color from the incredibly vast array of artists and art types, there is also is a “psychological factor” one must consider that depends on your business type. For instance in healthcare settings, paintings and photography of nature scenes have been linked to lower levels of patients’ perceived pain, stress and anxiety. On another note, law firms who are generally known to be conservative can lighten things up adding bright, eclectic pieces to their offices.

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