You followed the sun and found yourself in the warmth of the Sunshine State! Settling in to your new home and the Florida lifestyle offers a perfect opportunity to breathe some new life into the artwork on your walls. This might mean finding some new pieces, or you could simply reframe the gems that you really love. Here are ten tips to inspire you as you make your new house a home.​​​​​​

coastal artwork 1) Choose The Right Size Of Art For A Striking Impact

Aiming to fill a large expanse of wall space with a single piece of art? Make the most of the space by super-sizing your artwork. As a guide to image sizing, measure the dimensions of the open wall and multiply them by 0.6. By filling the space with art, you create an atmosphere of effortless luxury.​​​​​​

Maybe you’ve found the perfect canvas but the dimensions are too small. No problem. Manipulate the prominence of your image by choosing an over-sized frame with large matting to achieve the same effect.​​​​​​

2) Be Swept Away By Coastal Images​​​​​​

Florida is all about the beach, right? Ride the wave and go coastal on your walls. Whether you prefer a hazy, golden ocean sunset, a splash of bright blue breaking waves, or catching light rays through a glassy swell, coastal images are perfect for beach-loving homes. For a crisp, modern look opt for simple white frames.​​​​​​

artwork custom framing 3) Match Your Art To The Room

Linking the art on your walls to the furniture in the room helps create a cohesive aesthetic that is both classy and fresh. Even if the subject matter of your artwork doesn’t connect strongly to the style of the furniture, a clever choice of frame can help tie everything together and create the unified space you’re after.

4) Breathe Life Into Your Old Artwork

It’s not unusual to grow attached to the pieces of art that have weathered the journey of life with you. Art often carries memories and becomes more precious as time passes. Moving into a fresh space may mean that your favorite pieces no longer fit the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Consider bringing new life to your artwork by simply refreshing the frame. A new frame is an effective way of reinventing the visual effect of your favorite pieces, allowing you to enjoy them for many more years. ​​​​​​

5) Incorporate Family Photos

If you are aiming to create a warm, happy vibe in your home, including family photos or framing your child’s art is a perfect way to achieve this. Dust off those vacation pics and snaps of other special memories, let us print them out in large format and frame them ready to go up on your walls.

If you’re aiming for a classic contemporary feel, consider printing your photos in black and white, or increasing the size to fill the space in a bold statement.​​​​​​

artwork gallery wall 6) Create A Gallery Wall

What if you have more than one favorite piece of artwork and can’t bring yourself to choose? Create a gallery wall! Gallery walls are a great way to bring a variety of artworks to one space in a way that creates a design focal point and a conversation piece for the room.​​​​​​

Consider hanging your largest item at eye level and positioning smaller pieces around it. Make your gallery unique by mixing photos with artwork in a variety of colors and textures. Create harmony and cohesion through how you frame each piece. If you’d like some help, we can work with you to create and install a timeless gallery wall.​​​​​​

7) Create Custom Mirrors

Sometimes a well-placed mirror is an art piece in itself. This is especially true if the mirror is tailored toward the space. Did you know you can frame a mirror the same way you would an art piece? You can! Hanging a mirror opposite a window can brighten a dark room and create a sense of space. With custom framing, you can match the style of the frame to your room decor.​​​​​​

acrylic artwork 8) Frame Your Canvas

There’s a trend among home decorators to mount bare canvasses directly on the wall. While this can be effective, you can elevate this look by adding a simple floater frame. The right frame can give your canvas presence, tie it into the decor, and add a sense of luxury.​​​​​​

9) Consider An Acrylic Print

If you’re looking for a stylish, modern way to display your favorite photographs, consider printing on acrylic. Heritage Art Galleries & Framing offers acrylic printing that shows off an image’s color and detail in breathtaking vibrancy. Not only is this an exquisite way to display your favorite images, but it protects them from damage as well. ​​​​​​

10) Turn Objects Into Wall Art

Don’t be shy to experiment with using different objects as art. If you have a keepsake or an object that is special to you, consider framing it and using it as art. Things like Grandma’s broach, a Hermes scarf, or baby’s first outfit are ideal for framing. Consider having it framed in a shadow box. Shadow boxes are our most popular method for displaying and protecting special memory objects.​​​​​​

If You Love It, We Can Frame It!

At Heritage Art Galleries & Framing, we understand how important art is to create the home you are imagining. Whether you’re a homeowner, an interior designer or in the art business, we are happy to dream with you to create the look and feel you want. Contact us today to unlock a world of creative solutions.