Graduating is an accomplishment worth celebrating! Your diploma is a powerful symbol of all the long hours, hard work, and sacrifices you’ve made to get to this point. While it’s only a piece of paper, it’s worth preserving as it represents an achievement that stays with you for life.

So how do you protect and show off this achievement of all your hard work? Here are some simple tips to preserve and frame your diploma.

Diploma Custom Framing

While you might find a ready-made frame in the right size, the frame may not have what it takes to preserve your document. Custom framing offers you the highest quality framing materials to protect your diploma and you get to choose exactly how you want the finished product to look.

For the best level of protection, choose a custom frame that uses:

UV Resistant Glass

The glass used when framing certificates makes a big difference. UV glass blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun that would cause fading over time. Even if your diploma is displayed in a room without natural lighting, incandescent and fluorescent lighting can cause just as much damage. UV glass offers protection against all types of light damage. The other option is to use museum glass as it provides UV protection and is anti-reflective.

Acid-Free Materials

Acidic materials like regular cardboard, or decorative boards with an orange core will discolor and permanently damage your diploma within 10 years. With a custom-made frame, you can insist on using acid-free materials only, such as archival boards and 100% cotton matting.

Mounting Options

For mounting your diploma, consider archival polyester corners that allow the diploma to slide in and out without the need for adhesives. The other option is to use linen tape, but even acid-free tape can leave adhesive residue behind and potentially stain the paper where it touches. When you use a professional framing company, they will take care of all these finer details so that you get to enjoy the result.

Showing Off Your Diploma Or Certificate

When it comes to the artistic side of framing your diploma let your personality shine through. You can gather inspiration from the internet, but don’t be limited by what you see. If you’re unsure, think outside the box. Your degree can give you ideas, for example, a metal frame seems appropriate for a civil engineer, while a carved wooden frame suits a forestry graduate. If you’re unsure, make an appointment with a local framing company to discuss the different types of frames available and see which one makes you happy.

Own Your Style

There are no rules when it comes to framing your diploma. Get creative and make it more memorable by including mementos in the framed object. You might want to use a photograph of your class or friends. A graduation cap tassel is another perfect addition to a framed diploma. There might be a quote that kept you going through the tough times. What better place to frame it than with the diploma you earned?

For Elegance, Add Matting

To elevate the look of your diploma on the wall, add matting. You can go subtle with a single mat or create a complex look using an inner and outer mat. Linen matting is a fantastic choice as it helps to preserve and protect your diploma as it allows air to circulate within the frame.

If you’re leaning toward a more traditional matting color, choose black, gold, silver, or gray. A creative option is to echo the colors of your school. This creates a cohesive look as the color of your matting picks up on the colors in the school’s insignia on your diploma. There’s nothing stopping you from going with your favorite colors.

Certificate Custom Framing

Your diploma isn’t the only achievement worth framing. Certificates for additional courses and other accomplishments are worth protecting and showing off too. Getting your child’s certificates from school framed tells them that you recognize the efforts they put into their education.

Framing and displaying certificates for studies that add to your business expertise shows credibility that your clients will value. Whether you’re a hairdresser, a mechanic, or a plumber, displaying your certificates adds to your client’s trust.

Custom Diploma & Certificate Framing In South Florida

As a family-owned business, we understand how important it is to celebrate and remember great achievements. Heritage Art Galleries & Framing are here to help you display your diploma and certificates proudly! Make an appointment and we’ll work with you to create the look and feel you want.

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