What each person or family values are different from the next, whether you are sentimental or not, shadow box framing can help to store and display objects that are important to you. Take your home’s decor to a new level with beautifully framed, treasured items, that can create special bonds through memory sharing and storytelling.

Rethink how you store special items and memories, in a way that doesn’t cause them to collect dust – never to be seen, spoken about, or appreciated.

What Is Shadow Box Framing?

In a nutshell, shadow box framing is when you frame an object in a deeper frame structure instead of framing a flat picture or piece of artwork. The frame is made with greater depth, which allows for an object to be mounted and set for display.

The possibilities become endless when it comes to what can be framed, if you can touch, hold, bounce, or use it in practical ways, it can be framed using a shadow box frame.

Why Use Shadow Box Framing?

Often people will store certain family heirlooms, mementos, and keepsakes in a box somewhere in their home. Collecting dust over the years, causing them to lose their original appearance. There’s nothing worse than storing precious memories away, only to see them once every now and again.  Shadow box framing is a great way to get those prized items out of storage boxes and onto the walls where they can be admired, and their stories told.

Some objects suit the interior decor of a home or room too, which creates interest and a unique focal point in certain spaces. As an example, a football signed by a team of players who won the Superbowl set in a home entertainment area, can create a wonderful sense of pride, and remind those who see it of the good feelings in that memory.

Ideas On What To Frame

We’ve framed an array of interesting and unique items over the years. Have a look at this list, it might give you some ideas.

  • baseball cleats​​​​​​
  • football jersey
  • a real whale tooth
  • champagne bottle from a wedding proposal
  • fireman’s uniform
  • military jacket
  • Marine’s uniform
  • police uniform
  • trophy
  • doilies
  • medal of honor
  • tree bark
  • baby clothing
  • drumsticks
  • coins

A Family-Owned Art Gallery & Framing Service In South Florida

As a family-owned art gallery and framing service, we understand the precious memories and feelings that various objects can represent. What matters greatly to you, might be different from what matters to someone else – but every precious object has a great story to tell. 

For more information on shadow box framing, and to get your prized items on the wall or mantle, give us a call at 954-739-8975 or feel free to book a framing consultation online.