When you think about custom framing, what comes to mind? Many people think about it only for non-standard-sized items.

Custom framing is more than just a mat and frame. It’s memory preservation in an artful display that can last for years. But what is it exactly, and why should you consider custom framing?

In this article, we’ll look at what custom framing is, its benefits, and what can be framed.

What Is Custom Framing

Custom framing is a process where you select the specific frame, mats, and other materials that will be used to display your artwork, photograph, or memento. This process begins with selecting a frame style, then choosing the matting, glass, and other elements that will complement the piece.

Once the materials are selected, mats and frames are cut to size and assembled.

This process allows you to create a one-of-a-kind display for your artwork or photograph, and also helps to protect the piece from damage over time.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Framing?

But why should you consider custom framing?

  • Preservation
  • Space considerations
  • Artwork
  • Personalized design


Have you ever seen a yellowed photograph? This happens because your (store-bought) frame contains regular glass, which allows UV rays to filter through, eventually damaging or yellowing the picture or item.

A custom frame includes materials that preserve and protect rather than just display. Here at Heritage Art Galleries, we use acid-free materials that help with protection, too. Read more about types of glass that help with preservation.

Space Considerations

Custom framing can accommodate non-standard-sized items, but it also considers other types of spaces. Do you have a corner fireplace? What about an oddly shaped dining room wall? Have you struggled to find artwork or frames to fit? Custom framing can design pieces to be proud of, no matter the space limitations. You can even custom frame a Mirror.


Whether you are an artist, want to support your kids by framing their artwork, or are an avid art collector, custom framing creates displayable memories.

Personalized Design

The art you choose, the way you decorate a space, and the memories that are most important to you are all expressions of who you are. The personalized design that custom framing offers combine the essence of who you are and your experiences into visual displays of expression.

Everything from the type of matting to the color of the frame or shadow box is curated into a personalized, preserved memory you can enjoy every day for years.

Examples Of Custom Framed Items

As we mentioned, custom framing is a great way to protect and display special items. Here are some examples of items that can be custom framed:

  • Photos
  • Artwork
  • Posters
  • Documents
  • Memorabilia

Custom framing is a great way to display your favorite memories. Enhance the look of a piece while adding an extra level of protection for your paintings, drawings, or other artwork.

Three-dimensional objects can also be custom framed. Are you preserving a wedding or christening gown, perhaps? Maybe you want to preserve seashells from the last family vacation you took with your grandmother.

Maybe you are the first person in generations to earn a college diploma. Perhaps you want to save the baseball game tickets from your first date with your now husband of 25 years.

Custom framing can be the best option for whatever memory or experience you want to enhance and protect.

Custom Framing In South Florida

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